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Class 9 Gravitation Sample Paper

Class 9 Gravitation Sample Paper

Section A: Multiple Choice Questions (1 mark each)

  1. What is the force of attraction between two objects with mass due to gravity called? a) Gravitational force b) Magnetic force c) Electric force d) Nuclear force

  2. Who formulated the law of universal gravitation? a) Isaac Newton b) Albert Einstein c) Galileo Galilei d) Johannes Kepler

  3. If you double the distance between two objects, how does the gravitational force between them change? a) It doubles. b) It becomes half. c) It becomes four times smaller. d) It remains the same.

  4. The weight of an object is the force with which it is pulled due to gravity. True or False?

Section B: Short Answer Questions (2 marks each)

  1. State Newton's law of universal gravitation. Provide the formula and units for all variables.

  2. Why do astronauts experience weightlessness in space? Explain.

  3. A 5000 kg spacecraft is in space at a distance of 5000 km from the center of the Earth. Calculate the gravitational force acting on it. (Use G = 6.67 × 10^-11 N m^2/kg^2)

Section C: Long Answer Questions (4 marks each)

  1. Explain why objects fall towards the Earth when dropped. Use the terms 'acceleration due to gravity' and 'free fall' in your explanation.

  2. A satellite is in orbit around the Earth at a certain altitude. Explain why the satellite does not fall back to Earth. What keeps it in orbit?

  3. Imagine two planets with the same mass but different radii. Compare the gravitational force on the surface of each planet and explain the difference.

Section D: Application Questions (5 marks each)

  1. You are given two identical masses, one on the Earth's surface and the other on the Moon's surface. Compare their weights and the force of gravity acting on them.

  2. A rocket is launched from the Earth's surface into space. Describe how the gravitational force changes as the rocket moves away from Earth.

Section E: Practical-Based Question (5 marks)

  1. Imagine you have a spring balance and a mass. Design and describe an experiment to measure the weight of the mass using the spring balance. Mention the precautions you would take during the experiment.

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