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Addition of two vectors by triangle law of vector addition

Physical quantities are divided into two parts : scalar and vector 

Scalar algebra is very simple like 3 + 4 = 7
Vector algebra is different from the ordinary algebra ( addition, subtraction, multiplication, division ) 

Two vectors can be added by two methods 

1. Triangle law of vector addition 
2. Parallelogram law of vector addition 

Lets strat with triangle law of vector addition, 

In this method we have two vectors A and B, 
Steps are given below :

1 step : draw first vector (say A)  with same direction and magnitude. 

2 step : draw second vector (say B) from head of first vector A,  vector B should have same direction and magnitude. 

3 step : then resultant R of vector A and B is given by vector drawn from tell of A to head of B.
Such that 
vector  R = vector  A + vector  B

Magnitude and direction is given in above figure. 

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