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How to stay FOCUSED in examination ?

While reading a lesson, a student’s mind tends to wander here and there. This can be easily observed when students devote one or two hours to read a lesson without actually grasping anything.

The following tips may prove useful ::

* Be interested You cannot concentrate on studies if you are not interested in what you are reading or what you are being taught by your teacher. Secondly, if there is anything in your mind that is worrying you, try to lighten it by sharing it with someone.

* Relax You are relaxed when you are at peace with yourself.

* Avoid Nervousness it happens when we get fixed up in a set timeframe. Fix up your time schedule for study so that it does not clash withany of your other activities.

* Try to study three different subjects per day; changing tasks produce a new surge of energy.

* Do not engage in sport or tire yourself just before you sit either for a test or a study period. You should be relaxed before you engage in the task which requires thinking, concentration etc.

* Ensure that you are not hungry, sleepy. tired, thirsty and don’t need to go to the toilet before you sit to study or give a test. This will make sure that there are no unnecessary interruptions.

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