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Art of Writing Answers Give Your BEST SHOT

Art of Writing Answers Give Your BEST SHOT
One can practice answering in previous test papers or sample papers to get used to the manner in which one has to write answers in the exams.

Make sure that you answer the question asked and not answer what you hoped or wished the question would be.
Examiners expect to the point and correct answers. Resist the temptation to write everything or writing beyond limits.
Keep your answer step wise. Some of you will be surprised to know that the board gives rather detailed dictates on how to evaluate the answer sheet. Try not to exceed the word limit.

Write your answers in a logical systematic manner. Use examples, facts, figures, quotations, tables etc wherever necessary to substantiate your answers. Give appropriate heading where necessary.
Add a touch of class by putting extra information that indicate your being very knowledgeable and put this separately near the end, so that it is read just before giving the marks, especially in an essay type question like new trends etc.

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